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Featured Publications

Wen L. et al., Cell Reports. 2022. 39, 110876

On the cover: Adherent neutrophils in a mouse venule. We characterize a reporter mouse in which the human β2 integrin subunit was knocked into the Itgb2 locus. Reporter antibodies show extended integrin (red, top) and high-affinity integrin conformation (green, middle). Channel merge shown in yellow (bottom). Flow from right to left. 

Wen L. et al., Blood. 2021; 137 (1): 29–38.

Image: Footprints/microvilli of a neutrophil (grey). Red: kindlin-3; Green, high affinity β2 integrin.

Wen L. et al., Nat Commun. 2018, 9, 4301.

Image: cGMP in a growing platelet thrombus shown by FRET imaging in vivo.

Thunemann M.*, Wen L.* et al., Circ Res. 2013, 113, 365-371.

Image: Transgenic mice for cGMP imaging. Lower panel: Aorta expressing FRET-based biosensor cGMP indicator.